Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Night Night

Hi again friends & family!

I wanted to show you my little perfect ones!  Princess Jasmine

& Doodle (aka Piggy).  Any guesses to what kind of dog he is? Good luck!

I have many more pics to post from this weekend, but wanted to get a little start tonight.  Good night and may you sleep with the angels!



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  2. Ok,I will try again. This is Elsie, and I just accidentally posted a comment when the computer was under Jeff's name, so I had to remove it and try again under my name.
    I was trying to say how cute Doodle-Piggy is, and how happy he looks in your lap, Tori! I hope you and Eric can come see the pups sometime. You saw some pics of them already in Jeff's blogs, didn't you? They are so sweet!!
    Love, Elsie