Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fun weekend

Hello again friends, family, and followers.  First I want to thank you all for taking the time to read what I write and look at my pictures.  I am really enjoying blogging.  I have been an amateur photographer for many years now and it is nice to have an avenue to post some of my pictures and to write a little to go along with it!  :)  

We had such a wonderful weekend!  Chu & Tommy got back into town from Ohio (FINALLY) and it was fun to reunite with them, eat habachi and laugh!  Relaxing was definitely on the menu this weekend and I caught up on some much needed sleep!  Saturday night, we went to see our friends play at Sk net cafe in Charlotte.  Their band is called Roll Status and it is surf-rock kinda music.  Eric's good friend Joe is the lead singer and he and his wife just had a baby!  Branden is on the drums.  Eric used to play bass with them.

I caught this shot from the bar.  The countertops were made of these stones under glass and somehow I caught the light exactly right! I really like this shot!!! 

A funny thing happened while we were out.  We ran into a guy that I met the day I met Eric.  He was actually sitting between Eric & me on the couch when we were watching the Super Bowl.  

Today was really fun as well!  We woke up and went to church at The Well in Pineville.  We really love our church and truly enjoy spending time with the people that gather there.  It was our Pastor's 40th Birthday and we had a good time with him.  We stayed after church for Eric to practice songs for next week, and they asked me to play conga drums.  I am not at all shy EXCEPT when it comes to performing or playing music in front of people!! I can't believe it but I am going to play with them next week.  WOW!  I wish I could turn off all the lights or turn around backwards and play so that I won't see people watching me.  I know that this will be a good experience for me, but I am pretty nervous!!!  If you want to read about our church, check out the website  

The photos below are from inside our church, and of Eric & the band playing music!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  May God bless you this week and may you share loving kindness with the world!  Peace be with you!

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  1. love the shot of the blue beads! totally awesome.