Monday, December 14, 2009

An Angel

Wow. Sometimes when you least expect it you get these really great signs. I had a really nice weekend, and yesterday morning, when I went to church, I was feeling a little stressed. I have been praying about something for a really long time and it just keeps coming back up as a challenge. I felt pretty frustrated when I walked in.

All of the sudden, I saw someone I recognized. Almost two years ago, I went to the coffeehouse one night and Eric and I met a guy that was seriously struggling with a drug problem. He had nowhere to go, and was staying at The Well for a few days while he was trying to kick his habit. He was very very thin and hungry. I didn't have much money, but I had a $20 and asked him what he wanted to eat. He wanted a pizza, so I bought it for him and listened to him talk about his life and how he'd messed up and lost his daughter and how he really wanted to get clean. He said his name was Angel.

Several times since then, I have wondered about him and how he is doing. It always makes me think when I help someone, even a little, with a meal or jacket, if it makes a difference. Yesterday, I found out it had. I almost didn't recognize him because he was healthy. He had gained weight, and was with his family at church. It took me a little while to remember it was the same person. He had purchased a guitar to help him with stress & was doing so much better.

After that I was with the kids in the nursery, which always makes me feel great. They are so cute!! When I came back in, they were playing the song Eric & I danced to at our wedding, Daughters of Jerusalem. It futher strengthened my determination to hold on, don't give up, keep praying about it. It will come in God's time when He is ready.

May peace be with you this week and all through the holiday season!

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