Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Jack Jack

Ok, Ok, I will admit it...the cutest kid in the world isn't mine!  My sister's oldest boy, Jack Jack just turned three and we went to his birthday party at La Bastide, near the mountains of Hendersonville, North Carolina.  Coincidentally, it was the last night that the restaurant was open to the public (and I ordered fish instead of steak...way to go Tori!)  

Like most all kids, Jack was so excited about his birthday.  Especially since he loves cake so much!  When C.C. and Daddy Jack brought out a big Thomas cake with his name on it, he was so excited!

Jack Jack had so much fun playing on his new Thomas train that he got for his birthday!  He did not want to get off of it and his Aunt Tori pushed him over and over again and he could not stop laughing!

Thank you to all for looking at pictures!  Have a great day!

Oh, Jack also has a nineteen month old little brother who wants you all to know that his birthday is in November and he wants a Thomas cake too!!!  Brad loves Daddy Jack!


  1. What a cutie :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jack Jack Glad that you guys had fun! I bet the Thomas the Train cake was delicious

  2. Happy Birthday, Jack!! I'm so glad you had a fun birthday! Boy, that cake sounded good! We enjoyed getting to meet you at your Aunt Tori and Uncle Eric's wedding! I agree with your favorite Aunt, you ARE a cutie patootie! Love, Ryder's Nana