Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Key West Underwater

Here we go again!  Eric & I had a fantastic time snuba diving in Key West!  We really wanted to see what Scuba diving was like.  Snuba was cool because there was a guide that took us and we were able to dive about 20 feet and have a mouthpiece and a belt.  We were connected to the boat, but it didn't feel like it to me.  I was really scared because I haven't spent much time in deep water.  Eric, of course, being a turtle, had no problem.  The boat was small and I experienced a little seasickness (probably from sitting sideways), but I just tried to breathe and bear it.  As soon as I was in the water, the motion-sickness passed and I felt great.  It was so amazing to be in the water.  I surprised myself at how much I liked it.  Honestly, it was a magical feeling.  It was beautiful, and once I got over how tight the goggles were, and having a strange thing pressing in my mouth, and the sound of the bubbles, I absolutely loved it.  I really think that was the most exciting thing I have ever experienced.  The peace that came over me was indescribable.  We were under water for almost an hour and we loved it.  We both are really excited to get our scuba diving license so that we can do more exploring.  I really surprised myself with how much I loved being under the sea!! Maybe I am the little mermaid afterall!  (Especially since I got to marry Prince Eric! :)  I love you all!  Just wanted to post some pics for you to see!! -Cheers!! -Monkey

P.S. Try as I may, I cannot get the layout right on this one!  Sorry about the mess, but hope you enjoy the pictures!

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