Saturday, April 25, 2009

Here we go Again!

I thought I would write a little about our honeymoon! :)  We had such a great time.  Wedding pics will be up when I get the photo cd!   After spending a night at the beautiful Main Street Inn in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, we flew to Miami for an evening and then boarded Royal Carribean's Majesty of the Seas for a trip to Nassau, Coco Cay, and Key West.  Unfortunately, due to a storm, Coco Cay did not happen! :(  

Here's the lowdown on Nassau....

We were so excited getting off the ship to see the beautiful clear water.  I think now more than ever Eric and I both know that we will one day live beside the water.  It brings such a feeling of peace to the soul!  We immediately began to explore the island and saw gorgeous walkways such as the one below.

The night before, Eric had a dream that seemed to be a warning about our safety that day.  We had been walking down a long road in Nassau.  It was a cloudy, cool, and somewhat windy morning, and fairly gloomy out.  We were concerned that our adventure for the day would even be canceled.  As we were walking, the buildings began to look a little different.  There were some closed down, windows boarding up, etc.  One man across the road mumbled something to Eric and I heard him say something, but I wasn't sure what he was talking about as I couldn't decipher his thick Caribbean accent.  Eric said, Tori, he just looked at me and said, "only the strong survive past here."  The next intersection was Victoria Avenue.  We took that as our cue to head back the other direction.  I didn't want to find out if his warning dream was going to come true!!  

After spending a few hours of the morning strolling the streets of Nassau, Eric and I hopped on a boat to Paradise Island, the Island of Atlantis. 

Truly, the people that constructed Atlantis spared no expense in designing a magnificent playground for kids of all ages!  Everything was decorated in ways that we had never seen!  Even the chairs were ornate.  Huge glass chandeliers were hanging in the halls and they had a giant casino!  

Our tour guide led us through the halls of the mega-hotel through hallways of Prada and Fendi stores, a magnificent garden filled with beautiful flowers....

We finally arrived at Dolphin Cay for our adventure!! I wish we had pictures, however, the only one I have is this....

If you zoom in, you can see a dolphin peeking his head out near the left corner.  I am so exited that I got to experience my dream!  Swimming with dolphins.  This was really such a fun adventure!  We were laughing and having so much fun, even though it was a pretty chilly day.  We were suited up in wetsuits and with a group of five others.  The first thing they did was have me take pictures with a dolphin.  I was squatting down and he laid in my lap like a 300 pound puppy!  It was so funny!  I was rubbing his side and he was turning a little because he liked it!  I couldn't believe it was happening.  It was so much fun!  Then they asked Eric to come around and take a picture with me and the dolphin didn't want another man getting near his woman!! :) Haha.  They asked me to kiss the dolphin, which I, of course did, and Eric shook his head no when they asked him to kiss the dolphin.  At that point, the dolphin spat water in Eric's face.  It was so funny!!!  The next adventure was with these really cool underwater motors. I can't think of what they are called, but you hold on to them and they pull you so you can dive further into the lagoons.  The dolphins swim with you.  The instructors kept telling Eric not to run away!  I think they all knew he was really a sea turtle and didn't want to be in a line!!!  Finally we did the dolphin push.  That was soooo incredible.  You lay on a boogie board and lock your legs and the dolphin pushes in the middle of your foot and you go up to 40mph across the lagoon until they stop!  It was such a rush!!!  When we went to buy pictures, the people would not sell individuals, you had to buy the entire package for $159.  I felt it was overpriced, so I just took the memory!

Atlantis was really fantastic!  They had beautiful beaches and a huge aquarium!  This is the manatee they show on TV when they are advertising Atlantis, and he swam right towards us!  That day was so exciting!

When we were leaving, it was very very important for us to visit the sea turtle habitat.  They were so cute!  We saw some climb over each other and two even kissed!  It was really beautiful.  They had their own beach where they could hang out and lay eggs.

I do not believe that I have ever met anyone that loves Turtles as much as my husband does!

After riding back to the island we still had some time to explore, 'yeah mon' we decided to take the horse carriage ride.  The driver was a young guy in college and said he would give us the "special tour."  So we are riding deeper and deeper into the island, of course having to be back at the boat in an hour!  We pass the high school and start getting into a neighborhood that is quite impoverished.  People are outside on their porches, you can tell that it isn't the kind of neighborhood you would want to be left alone in after dark.  In the height of it, the driver stops and says, whoops we have a flat tire!  I won't even tell you what I was thinking, but Eric, of course as usual stayed cool and just jumped out.  The funny thing was a flat tire to the carriage driver was a piece of rubber that had slipped off the rail.  What a relief!!!!  It is comic at this point but I was scared!  We finally got  back to the ship and were laughing about the situation!  

More honeymooon posts to come later!  Love you all!  Cheers-  Monkey....


  1. Hey ya blog...great way to share to the world your thoughts and photos. If I had remembered I would have given you the name of a friend in limo driver on the island..anyway looks like you two had a great time...Nana and I loved going there too..hopefully we'll get back ya both...

  2. yay!!! that looks like it was so much fun. Isn't it amazing that you can use the word "husband" now in reference to your man!

  3. I know a great place where you guys could live by the water, wink wink;)

  4. Looks like you guys had a great honeymoon! That wedding was awesome and it was great to you meet you. Hopefully I'll see you guys again soon!

  5. O.K., you scared me with the "only the strong survive past here". It gave me the goose bumps!! Thank God you and Eric got back safely. I love you both, and I am so glad you had a wonderful time on your honeymoon!! Love, Elsie
    P.S. Doesn't Eric like dolphins?